The Coveted Russian Dictator Endorsement

Over on Pajamas Media, Kim Zigfeld reveals that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has expressed a clear preference for Barack Obama’s reelection over the candidacy of Mitt Romney. Guess what that means Americans should do at the polls in November! For good measure, Putin also throws in his “thoughts” on Pussy Riot and group sex.


Romney Roars on Russia

Here’s what Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had to say about Russia in his acceptance speech last week:

President Obama has thrown allies like Israel under the bus, even as he has relaxed sanctions on Castro’s Cuba. He abandoned our friends in Poland by walking away from our missile defense commitments, but is eager to give Russia’s President Putin the flexibility he desires, after the election. Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr. Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone. We will honor America’s democratic ideals because a free world is a more peaceful world. This is the bipartisan foreign policy legacy of Truman and Reagan. And under my presidency we will return to it once again.

That’s pretty awesome, heartening stuff, and goes to show how radically American foreign policy can be transformed by an election.  Not once in Russia’s entire history has the pathetic country ever transferred power between ideological opposites like Obama and Romney, while America has done it over and over again, most recently moving from George Bush to Obama.  You know how right Romney is from Russia’s frenzied reaction.

Romey has it exactly right on Russia, as he has done from the start.  While Obama has done nothing but lie about Putin’s malignant regime, Romney and other Republicans like Marco Rubio have been working on a responsible policy based on American moral leadership.  They see the clear threat posed by the Putin dictatorship to American interests, and they are prepared to take dramatic action to reverse the failed and cowardly policies of Barack Obama.

It’s about time.  For too long, America has betrayed its values in Russia, turning its back on the opposition movement and watching that movement disintegrate and wither as its leaders are murdered or jailed.  For too long, America has been unwilling to stand up to Russian barbarism because its craven president wanted to claim he had “reset” relations with Russia and turned an enemy into a friend. For too long, America has pursued the policies of Neville Chamberlain where the polices of Ronald Reagan were wanted.

It’s about time for America to turn out the cowards of the Obama regime and tender power to leaders who will make America rise up and live out the true meaning if her creed.

Obama and his Russia Problem

Things are getting pretty hot in Barack Obama’s Russia kitchen these days. He’s catching hell from all sides.

First came the Washington Post, where seasoned Russia analyst Jackson Diehl called Obama’s Russia policy “misguided.”

Next came Vladimir Frolov, a former Russophile, who said that Putin’s inauguration was “ridiculous” and “Orwellian” and based on the “Big Lie.”

Then opposition leader Garry Kasparov condemned Obama’s cowardice on Russia, saying Putin wants to rule like Stalin and Obama is helping him.

Finally opposition leader Oleg Kozlovsky compared the US response to crackdown in Belarus  to that in Russia, and found that while the US confronted Belarus in similar circumstances it remained silent when Putin took the same actions in Russia.

In other words, one after another Russia-watchers of every stripe  are siding with Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio and the Republicans over Russia policy, rejecting the craven cowardice and failure of Obama and his key Russia advisor Michael McFaul.

If We Were Writing Romney’s Acceptance Speech

Here’s what presidential candidate Mitt Romney would say as part of his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention if we were writing it:

My fellow Americans, for the last four years President Obama has been telling you that a man called Medvedev was the ruler of Russia. He had cheeseburgers with him, and told you Medvedev was his partner in democracy.  That was a lie.

Medvedev never had real power in Russia, and he was never interested in democracy, and Barack Obama knew it.  Ever since the late 1990s, only one man has held real power in Russia, and that man is a proud KGB spy named Putin.

Putin used Medvedev as a figurehead so he could continue to rule Russia without violating the Russian Constitution. And Obama used him too, used him to claim he was “resetting” our relations with Russia, transforming an enemy into a friend. During this election, he’ll claim credit for doing that and ask for your votes because of it. That will be another  lie. And every single day he tells it, I’ll be there to tell you so.

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Shameless Partisan Bias the New York Times

The response of the New York Times editorial page to the shockingly reckless open-microphone gaff recently committed by U.S. President Obama in Seoul, South Korea, speaking to Russian’s sham “president” Dima Medvedev, was a new low in the naked, shameless partisanship of the Gray Lady for the Democrats.

While admitting that Putin’s Russia is an “unsavory player” who is guilty of “unconscionable” support for Syria, the editorial does nothing but criticize Republican Mitt Romney’s analysis of Russia while praising the policy of Obama.

Not one single word of criticism — not one single word — is reserved for Obama.

The paper does not care to notice how Obama was suckered by Medvedev into treating him like a real president for four years, only to have the Kremlin laugh in his face and openly admit that Putin was always in charge and would be president for life.

It doesn’t care to notice that on Obama’s watch a proud KGB spy who hates America was returned to power in a landslide.

It can’t suggest one single thing Obama could have done differently to make Russia less “unconscionable” in Syria and other hotspots around the world or to make Russia less “unsavory” at home, where it is liquidating American values left, right and center.

The NYT stands permanently discredited if it cannot find even one aspect of Obama’s Russia policy wanting.


Russia: America’s Public Enemy No. 1!

Over on Pajamas Media, Kim Zigfeld calls Barack Obama to task for his horrific open-microphone gaff on Russia.  She points out that Republican challenger Mitt Romney has labeled Russia America’s Public Enemy No. 1 in response to Obama’s shameless attempt to curry favor with the neo-Soviet Kremlin, and this is surely one of the most heartening developments in U.S. Russia policy in years.  Echoing John McCain, Romney blasted Obama for failing to speak up for American values and allies as Ronald Reagan once so boldly did, and ignoring the avalanche of evidence showing how proud KGB spy Vladimir Putin is creating a neo-Soviet nightmare for Americans and Russians alike.