New Low for Russia: Vladimir Putin is a Common Thief


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again:  Today you may think you’ve seen Russia do something so repugnant and vile that it could not possibly sink any lower. But tomorrow, Russia will do something so much worse that you will not be able to believe you thought Russia was low before.

Robert Kraft, owner of the NFL team the New England Patriots, has just revealed that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin stole his Superbowl ring.

You read that right:  Putin is a common thief.

And why did Putin steal the ring? Because he admired its beauty? No. In Putin’s words, he did it because he could “kill somebody” with it.

Kraft was forced by the Bush administration to say publicly that the ring was a gift in order to avoid a diplomatic incident, but now he is breaking his silence and wants his precious memento returned.

In other news, Putin refused to return precious holy books to their rightful owners.  So it’s multiple counts of theft.

This is a new low in the history of a country that is full of abysmal new lows.  How can Russians look at themselves in the mirror knowing that they are ruled by a man of such wretched character?

UPDATE: Upon learning of Kraft’s complaint, a gentleman would have put the ring on a plane and had it back in the owner’s hands within 24 hours. A true gentlemen would have included a gift and note of apology for any misunderstanding.  What did Putin do? He accused Kraft of being a weirdo welsher and kept his clutches on the ring.  Is it any wonder that with such an example Russia remains the most corrupt major civilization on the planet?