Yet Another Horrifying New Low for Russia

Remember the Proton rocket? You know, the one that routinely bursts into flames and explodes?

Well, the factory that makes those rockets was selected by the Putin administration to make Russia’s Olympic torches.

And now, guess what has started happening to those torches!

That’s right, they’ve started bursting into flames and exploding!

Remember when you thought it was a horrific embarrassment to Russia how the Olympic flame went out and over and over and over again during the torch relay? That was nothing! Those were the good old days! Now the flame has started exploding, and in the hands of a young girl no less, giving her a nasty burn.

Despite spending more on the games than any other nation in history, Russia cut corners on the torch, Britain spent £495 on each torch, but Russia spent only $400.

Is this really the country the world has chosen to trust with the lives of its athletes and spectators, permitting it to stage the Winter Olympics smack in the middle of one of the world’s worst hotbeds of terrorism?  Really? Or is this all just a crazy nightmare from which we will soon awaken?

For its next trick, the Putin regime will send the exploding torch into space on the exploding rocket.

Information Daily and David Adams telling Olympic-Sized Lies

In a recent issue of Information Daily David Adams, head of a British consulting firm that helps London do business with Russia, provided an overview of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  Given his vested interest in currying favor with the Kremlin, it’s hardly surprising that Adams doesn’t give full account of the prospects for Olympic success in Russia. His self-serving comments only assist Russia in sliding further into misery.

Adams gets it very wrong from the start by claiming that the Olympics are “all about business.” In fact, they’re all about spirit, ideals and inspiration, and in a wide variety of ways, Russia is egregiously violating the Olympic spirit.

Most recently, Russia declared homosexual athletes persona non grata in Russia (along with all other gays). They are now subject to arrest for just for talking about being gay or making public displays of affection.  Gay groups are calling for a boycott of the games because of this new crackdown.

A year after being awarded the games, Russia invaded its tiny neighbor Georgia, annexing two large chunks of its territory and killing many Georgian civilians.  Not one major nation of the world has recognized this barbaric act as legitimate.  Many have called for a boycott of the games on this basis as well.

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