Russia Today gives up on Journalism

Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld reports on how the Kremlin’s propaganda network Russia Today has given up all pretense of journalism and accuracy and given itself wholly over to militant lies in support of Putin’s cause in Ukraine. A big part of its content in this regard, of course, is virulent anti-Americanism.

Michael McFaul, the former U.S. Ambassador to Russia, has announced a boycott of Russia Today because he is so appalled by the gross distortions it is publishing, and many others have joined him. RT’s Marina Buinovskaya ‏ admits that it has become extremely difficult for the network to book foreign interviews.

More Hilarious Dishonesty from Russia Today

It’s really quite hilarious watching the scurrying Russophiles respond to the latest international survey that reveals Russia to be a barbaric outsider among the population of civilized nations. What to do?! Try to spin them, simply ignore them or attack them as blatant acts of “russophobia”? What to do, what to do?

In a recent web item, Russia Today puffed out its chest over the latest “doing business” rating from Bloomberg, in which Russia ranked #43.  You might think Russia would wish to sweep a result like that under the table, considering that it made Russia by far the worst-performing nation in the G-8, and considering that China came in at #28 and Brazil at #38.

But Russia Today considered it great news, since Russia’s ranking had improved from 2012 by 13 spots.  Jaw-droppingly, Russia Today reported the fact that Russia was ranked even with Oman and just below Bulgaria, just above Panama, as if the positioning were unremarkable.

Russia Today chose to conceal from its readers (not providing any link to the Bloomberg data) that four of the other five nations from Eastern Europe appearing on the list were rated higher than Russia (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and even Bulgaria easily bested Russia, with only Romania falling behind).

Bloomberg provides an interesting page of data on Russia that Russia Today also chose to ignore.  Maybe that’s because the data on inflation and stagflation is pretty horrifying:  Only 15 countries are more ravaged by inflation than Russia according to Bloomberg, and only 23 are more at risk of the onset of stagflation. Yet, despite these economic blows, Bloomberg also found that only 7 countries in the world were more decadent and vice-ridden than Russia. Another surprising Bloomberg revelation:  Only seven countries have fatter women than Russia.

The dishonesty with which Russia Today “reports” the “news” is truly breathtaking and neo-Soviet in character.  A person who relied on Russia Today for information about Russia would simply have no clue what the real place was like.