Putin & Snowden Team up Against the Runet

Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld shows how Vladimir Putin is teaming up with Russian agent Edward Snowden to liquidate the last vestiges of the Russian Internet.


Putin and Snowden Launch New Cold War

Vladimir Putin and his ally Edward Snowden have launched a new level in Russia’s anti-American New Cold War. Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld has all the details.


Over on the Atlantic magazine, a lying idiot named Conor Friedersdorf proposes a “thought experiment” in which he posits that the USA would give a Russian Snowden asylum if he appeared at JFK, so it can’t fault Russia for doing the same.

Mr. Friedersdorf’s intellectual dishonesty is truly breathtaking.  It brands him as an extreme right-winger in the mold of lunatic freaks like Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, fringe occupiers who lose no opportunity to rationalize, justify and embrace the homicidal Putin regime, which Jay Leno recently branded as behaving just like Nazi Germany. It is the likes of Buchanan, Paul and Friedersdorf who force Reagan conservatives to defend the likes of Barack Obama.

Mr. Friedersdorf’s “thought experiment” unfortunately doesn’t include asking how Russia would respond if the USA did offer a Russian Snowden political asylum, which is the only question that matters because it’s the question the USA is faced with:  How to respond to the giving of asylum, not whether to give asylum itself.

WWRD? What would Russia do? Mr. Friedersdorf doesn’t care to ask, and that failure immediately and totally discredits him.

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IT’S WAR! Russia grants Asylum to Snowden

Yesterday in the late afternoon the Putin regime granted political asylum to Edward Snowden and he walked out of the international airport into Russia a free man.

This is an act of war by Russia against the United States.  When Snowden walked in, the U.S Ambassador should have walked out.  Russia has made clear, once and for all, that is is an enemy of the United States, not a partner.

Over on the powerful  and influential American Thinker website, Kim Zigfeld lays out the whole sordid Snowden mess and calls for a boycott of the Sochi Olympics, for this and many other reasons, a result we have been demanding ever since Russia invaded Georgia in 2008.  Polls clearly show the people of Russia overwhelmingly favor giving asylum to Snowden, meaning that the people of Russia are just as much responsible for this declaration of war as their government.

If Snowden weren’t reason enough for a boycott, Russia announced that it would arrest any gay Olympic athlete who dares to manifest his/her sexuality at the games.  What if Russia had said blacks or Jews were not welcome? Would the world attend?

Putin, Snowden and Ellsberg: Festival of Neo-Soviet Lies

o-DANIEL-ELLSBERG-EDWARD-SNOWDEN-facebookDelighted with the behavior of Edward Snowden in attacking the USA, the minions of Vladimir Putin have taken to claiming like bleating sheep that Snowden is no different from Daniel Ellsberg and therefore should be viewed as a hero and given asylum in Russia.  Since Ellsberg won his case against the US government, they say, Americans could not complain about such an action by Russia.  This absurd bit of neo-Soviet propaganda is extremely bizarre since Vladimir Putin himself, a proud KGB spy, loathes people like Snowden, and his hostility towards Snowden himself is obvious.  But much more important, it is an absolute lie.

Putin’s minions like to point out that the 82-year-old Ellsberg himself has sided with Snowden in an op-ed piece for the Washington Post.

Ellsberg claims that there are “grounds for most countries granting Snowden asylum” but completely ignores the fact that “most countries” certainly have not done so, and in fact the only countries to have even considered the idea are a ragtag group of American enemies.  Ellsberg seems to believe that only he, Snowden and American enemies understand that Snowden is a hero, a laughable and senile notion to say the least.

Ellsberg claims that if Snowden turned himself in and sought to defend himself in court, he would “almost certainly be confined in total isolation” rather than being released on bail as Ellsberg was.  Ellsberg suggests this justifies Snowden’s becoming a fugitive. But Ellsberg then states:  “As Snowden told the Guardian, This country is worth dying for. And, if necessary, going to prison for — for life.”  This incoherent contradiction reveals Ellsberg as a babbling old man, desperate to relive his glory days who cannot but see himself in Snowden (they even bear a physical resemblance).  His credibility vanishes.

With all due respect to soothsayer Ellsberg, “almost certainly” just doesn’t cut it.  Ellsberg proved it is possible to fight the U.S. government and win, and his bizarre claim that America has changed since his time so that this is no longer possible finds no support whatsoever in the facts.  Ellsberg himself admits that a principled whistleblower would have no problem going to jail — or giving his life — for his principles.  That’s exactly what exposes Snowden as a total fraud, and no about of wiggling by the senile Ellsberg can change that.

Putin’s minions hilariously attempt to argue that the world must take Ellsberg’s word as the last one on this subject.  Were that the case, then Putin’s minions would have to take Mikhail Gorbachev’s word as the last one on Putin, and Gorbachev has repeatedly and emphatically denounced Putin.  Of course, they will never do so.  They are hypocrites who will tell any lie they can think of in their furious effort to justify Russia’s neo-Soviet revanchism.

Snowden has turned to China, Russia and Venezuela not because he occupies the moral high ground but because he occupies the depths. Glenn Greenwald, Snowden’s mouthpiece, has openly threatened the USA on his behalf, using anti-American rhetoric that leaves no doubt about Snowden’s true motivations.  Snowden has also been embraced by Julien Assange, who is hiding out in Britain rather than face criminal charges in Sweden.  The notion that Sweden is somehow a force for pro-American evil beggars belief.

And it is this seething contempt for American that makes Snowden the darling of Putin’s minions. Their hallucination, however, that Russia can somehow get away with giving Snowden asylum is bound to explode in their faces. They are kidding themselves.  Just as the entire world viewed Russia’s attack on Georgia in 2008 as naked aggression and refused to recognize Russia’s annexation of Ossetia and Abkhazia, the entire world stands with the USA against Snowden.  The mere fact that Putin’s minions adore him so is more than enough proof to convince a reasonable person that Snowden is evil. If Russia gives asylum, even temporary asylum, to Snowden it will be an act of war upon the United States, and Russia will soon find the consequences of that act unbearable.

Putin himself has already recognized this. He has openly stated he will not allow relations with the USA to be destroyed by Russia’s policy towards Snowden. In this, at least, he seems to have Russia’s best interests at heart. Clearly, his minions do not.

Edward Snowden is a thief who stole data belonging to the U.S. government, and hence to the people of the USA, and then fled the country into the waiting arms of American enemies.  He is being prosecuted by the Obama administration, which has been embraced by the world as the antidote to the Bush regime that favored abandoning civil liberties in exchange for national security.  His defense by America’s most hardened foes shows that this policy is correct.

Snowden had a wide array of legal options available to him should he have wished to challenge U. S. policy on surveillance (it’s worth nothing that, to date, Snowden still has yet to name a single U.S. citizen who has been harmed by this surveillance in any specific way).  Snowden ignored all of these legal options, and chose to become a fugitive thief.  The reasons for his actions are therefore obvious, and the reasons that the lovers of Vladimir Putin have for supporting him just as clear.

Russia and America, on the Brink of War

First, Russia allowed Edward Snowden to board a Russian jet in Hong Kong and fly to Moscow.

Then, it allowed Snowden to violate Russian law by remaining for weeks in the Moscow airport transit zone, when she should have been there for days at most.

Next, it provided Snowden with what the U.S. government has called a “propaganda forum” at the airport, during which this venal criminal sought to further his attacks on the USA and his escape from U.S. justice.  It allowed human rights groups to participate in the forum as well as journalists, groups which Russia has condemned and sought to eject from the country as purported dangers to Russian national security.  The White House press secretary acidly chided Russia on its hypocrisy, challenging the Kremlin to let human rights do their work throughout Russia, not just at the Moscow airport.

Finally, Russia continued to let it be known that it would never extradite Snowden from Russia and might give him political asylum to protect him from American justice.

All these deeds amount to acts of war by Russia against the United States. Snowden has been publicly identified by the President of the U.S. as a major American criminal figure. The President has specifically raised the issue of Snowden with Russia, and has demanded that Russia not provide aid and comfort to him.  Snowden has broken U.S. law by stealing highly classified information and releasing it to the public and then he has fled into the arms of countries like China, Russia and Venezuela who are enemies of the U.S. and who reject basic American values like democracy. Snowden has also associated himself with the venal Wikileaks organization, whose founder is also a fugitive from the justice of many countries.

When true freedom fighters like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Mohandas Gandhi broke the law, they did not flee to countries who were enemies of their nations.  They stayed right where they are, accepted arrest and challenged the validity of the laws under which they were prosecuted, ultimately bringing needed change to the countries.  Snowden’s actions stand in stark contrast to the actions of such heroes, and clearly brand him as the criminal he is.

But despite all this, Snowden has done the USA a great favor.  He has clearly shown Americans that Russia is their enemy, as Russia has eagerly and repeatedly rushed to Snowden’s defense.  Even as Russia complains that the West refuses to arrest and extradite figures such as William Browder and Boris Berezovsky, Russia itself refuses to extradite those who are charged by the USA. Russia continues to provide aid and comfort to rogue anti-American regimes in places like Syria, Iran and Venezuela, and it continues its frenzied efforts to revive the USSR under KGB leadership.

We can’t help wondering what Russians and their government would do if the U.S. allowed a man wanted by the Russian government for high crimes against the Russian state to fly to JFK airport, hole up there for weeks, and hold a press conference attacking Russia. We wonder how Russians and their government would react if the U.S. were to publicly consider giving this criminal asylum to protect him from Russian justice.

Well, in fact we don’t have to imagine. We know how Russians reacted when Britain refused to extradite Boris Berezovsky.  Russia’s reaction was swift and furious.  It launched virulent attacks on Britons throughout Russia, including even an attack on the British Council.  Russians screamed loudly and furiously that Britain had no right to shield Berezovsky, and then they turned around and shielded Andrei Lugovoi, the accused killer of Alexender Litvinenko, from British justice.

But there’s a big difference between Berezovsky and Snowden, of course. Berezovsky was only accused of stealing money to line his pockets, not stealing and publishing secrets which could assist Russia’s enemies in destroying Russia.   Refusing to extradite Berezovsky might be a irritant to Russia, but it’s not an act of war.

And there’s another difference:  Snowden isn’t British, he’s American.  As U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has pointed out, America has repeatedly extradited wanted Russian criminals to Russia, and there is no Snowden or even Berezovsky being given aid and comfort in the USA.  So Russia’s harboring of Snowden is that much more outrageous.

Snowden has exposed the craven policy of appeasement that has been pursued for five years now by the Obama administration.  Now Americans and the world clearly see that there never was any “reset” of relations between Russia and America as Obama claimed, that Russia’s proud America-hating KGB spy ruler has only continued to work towards America’s destruction.

Now. the USA and Russia stand on the brink of war.  With double Russia’s population, ten times its financial resources and host of powerful allies, Russia has no more chance to prevail in this war than did the USSR.