Putin, losing Everwhere

In St, Petersburg, in Perm and in London, Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship has suffered serious legal setbacks.

In St. Petersburg and in Perm, two human rights groups defeated Putin’s effort to required them to declare themselves “foreign agents.”  And in London, William Browder defeated Putin’s proxy libel lawsuit.

This is to say nothing of the endless series of convictions for state-sponsored murder, kidnapping and torture that Russia has sustained year after year in the European Court for Human Rights.

Even Putin’s own courts find the extreme nature of his neo-Soviet crackdown to be unpalatable. Foreign courts can see only barbarism.

Time to Smash Putin in the Face?

“The practitioners of kickbacks and graft should not only get a rap on the knuckles, they should have their faces smashed.”

Those were the words of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin last week, speaking to a group of policemen.

So get this.

Not only is Putin telling policemen to use violence against suspects who have not even yet been convicted of any crime.

Not only is he, seemingly, telling the nation that Russia’s law enforcement mechanisms are totally unable to protect them from corruption, encouraging them to take vigilante steps on their own.

But Putin is forgetting that he himself is a massive bribe taker, from his earliest days in St. Petersburg government. So, by his own words, he himself deserves to have his face smashed!

This is the depth to which Putin has brought his country. And there is more, much more, yet to come.