Lady Gaga Blasts Putin

GAGA2Lady Gaga, who has nearly as many Twitter followers as Vladimir Putin received votes for president in 2012, and far more Facebook likes than he has votes, has launched a withering attack on the Putin dictatorship on Twitter and Facebook.  Here is her trio of Tweets in response to Putin’s announcement that she and Madonna would face punishment for daring to express sympathy for homosexuals during recent performances in Russia.


Lady Gaga openly taunts Putin, calling him a coward for failing to arrest her when he had the chance.  Her blast at Putin on Facebook has nearly 100,000 “likes” from readers and nearly 4,000 comments.  Lady Gaga has twenty times more Twitter followers than Russian “prime minister” and former president Dima Medvedev.

Once again, the Putin regime stands humiliated before the eyes of a slack-jawed world.  Putin has announced that he plans to arrest homosexual athletes who act gay during the Sochi Olympics.   This brazen repudiation of the Olympic spirit should preclude any civilized nation from sending athletes to the games.

We call for a boycott.

Elder and Ioffe, the Laurel & Hardy of Russia Reporters

There they go again.

Julia Ioffe and Miriam Elder, the two worst Russia reporters on the planet, are at it once again.

On her Twitter feed, Elder was shocked to find Russians making Georgian wine, that is until a Moscow Times reporter explained to her that “Saperavi” does not refer to a wine being Georgian, it refers to a kind of grape that anyone can grow and make wine with. It was as if she had accused California of cheating consumers by selling wine made from grapes they also use in France.


Interestingly, as an aside, what’s actually correct is that Georgian mineral water, the famous Borjomi brand, is no longer truly Georgian though made in Georgia, because the company has been purchased by Russia (the reason it was suddenly deleted from the Russian blacklist).

Then Ioffe reported on the New Republic website that Monday’s protest had begun with a moment of silence to commemorate the anniversary of the Bolotnaya uprising a year earlier.  In fact, as the LA Times reported, the moment of silence was for a worker who was killed while setting up the staging for the Monday protest.

This is the same comical pair who breathlessly reported a year ago that the protest movement was sweeping Russia and changing it forever.  Instead, what the world actually saw was the movement wither on the vine.  Barely a quarter the support is now turning out for public demonstrations, and not one real political objective has been achieved.  Navalny’s speech before the most recent throng was disjointed, incoherent and uninspiring to say the least, but we still don’t hear anything remotely like the full truth from either Elder or Ioffe, much less to we hear anything remotely like a mea culpa for past misreporting.

With “friends” like these, Russia needs no enemies.

We Told you So!


Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker website, Kim Zigfeld shows how darkly neo-Soviet Russia has already become and says a big:  We told you so!

And on the mighty Pajamas Media website, she decries the outrageous Chamberlainian appeasement being practiced by Twitter, in giving in to the dark neo-Soviet forces in Russia by censoring tweets on demand from the Kremlin.  Google has fought back against these measures with a lawsuit, but Twitter is eager to curry favor with the Kremlin.

If you want to demand that Twitter reverse its outrageous policy of anti-democratic censorship, you can do so by signing this petition.  You can also sign a petition to demand that the Obama administration speak up for U.S. human rights organizations under assault in Putin’s Russia. That one is here.

Even as these pieces were appearing, as if to put an exclamation point on our perspicacity, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin was recklessly plunging his country into a full-blown new cold war.  In precisely the manner of Stalin, Putin launched a wave of assaults by Gestapo-like goons on the offices of human rights organizations across the country. Heedless of the consequences, he attacked such lofty rights bastions as Human Rights Watch, Transparency International and Amnesty International.  When his forces moved against two German NGOs, the response from Berlin was swift and furious.  The German state department all but declared cold war.

Putin’s foreign and domestic polices are dragging Russia backwards in time, into its failed Soviet past.  Though even weaker than the USSR was, Putin asks for brutal cold war with much stronger countries, exactly what the USSR did.  Though he knows the consequences of brutal domestic repression, Putin cannot help but seek to liquidate dissent just as was done in the USSR.  The USSR now lies rotting on the ash heap of history. How can anyone expect any other fate for Russia?

Julia Ioffe and her Campaign of Lies about Russia

Julia Ioffe


Julia Ioffe and her Campaign of Lies about Russia

If there were to be a photograph next to the paragraph in the Pajamas Media Wikpedia entry that explains why PM was formed, it should be a photograph of New Yorker “reporter” Julia Ioffe, who also writes for Foreign Policy.  She’s the very worst MSM Russia journalist on the planet. She’s the disease, and PM is the cure.

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