Another Incredible New Low for Russia

It seems like only yesterday that Vladimir Putin was writing in the New York Times that the will of the United Nations must control what happens in Syria, and that the United States must bow to that will.

If you thought Putin’s hypocrisy in asking the US to do in Syria what Russia refused to do in Chechnya or Georgia was stunning, you had better sit down for this one:  Now, after a UN investigation revealed that Putin was lying when he claimed that it was the Syrian rebels, not the regime, who used chemical weapons in Syria (a “war crime” in the words of the UN), Putin is attacking the UN and refusing to follow its will.  He doesn’t just accuse the UN of lying about who was responsible for gas attacks, he also accuses them of lying about whether such attacks even took place.   His “evidence” for these claims comes exclusively from the tinfoil hat crowd.

This hubris and duplicity on Russia’s part is a new low for an already utterly wretched country.  How can any civilized nation possibly take Russia seriously after this?  In just a few years, Vladimir Putin has obliterated his nation’s credibility and set it on a course to become a rogue state itself, like Syria, Iran and North Korea.  Just when one thinks Russia can’t possibly sink any lower, it delves into depths so hideous that you can’t believe you thought it was bad before.

Writing in the Moscow Times, the chairman of the powerful U.S. House Armed Services Committee has castigated Putin for his dishonest, duplicitous and venal New York Times piece defending genocide and barbarism in Syria.  Putin’s refusal to follow the UN’s lead after demanding that the U.S. do so disqualifies Russia from sitting at the table of civilized nations. It can and should be booted out of the G-8 and G-20 organizations, the World Trade Organization and the UN security council.  Russia needs to learn what it feels like to be Syria, Iran or North Korea if it is Russia’s ambition to emulate those nations.

It is simply shocking to see how little pushback from his own citizens Putin faces for his outrageous public lies that disgrace their nation.  Because they don’t stand up to him, Russians are fully complicit in Putin’s misdeeds and richly deserve the brutal suffering that lies in wait for them.


Putin is the World’s Biggest Hypocrite

“Attempts to replace the universal principles of the U.N. Charter by unilateral actions or partisan deals, moreover to use force bypassing the U.N. do not do any good, as is well known.”

That was Vladimir Putin speaking to a group of foreign ambassadors in the Kremlin  yesterday, as he received their credentials.

Oh really, Mr. Putin? Did you wait for the approval of the United Nations before you invaded Georgia in 2008?  What nation, Mr. Putin, stood by your side as you made that attack,  so that it was not “unilateral” force such as you decry in your statement?

The Russian word for hypocrite is “лицемер” and it’s clear that Putin is the world’s biggest one. How in the world can this man, with a straight face, complain about circumventing the UN and acting unilaterally when that is exactly the policy he pursued in Georgia?!  Only be being utterly detached from reality, just as the rulers of the USSR always were.  He lives now in his own fantasy world, one where he can say anything because nobody in Russia will dare to challenge him, and like the Emperor and his “new clothes” nobody will tell him that the outside world is laughing.

For good measure, the Putin Kremlin also announced that the legislative elections which just transpired in Belarus, one of the world’s darkest and most barbaric dictatorships, were “free, open and relaxed“.  Such statements as these rank with the very most bizarre and unhinged Soviet clangers from the Cold-War era.  And in fact, not even then did the KGB dream of wielding kind of direct power it now has under Putin, meaning that, if anything, the neo-Soviet era is even more horrifying than its predecessor.