The People of Russia do not Deserve Respect

Vladimir Putin’s performance of late has been so odious, so noxious, so repellent that even hardcore Russophiles are turning away in disgust.

Take the bitter, poisonous anti-Putin diatribe that recently issued from the pen of Vladimir Frolov, once one of Putin’s most ardent brown-nosers.  Frolov begins: “Perhaps a true measure of rulers’ distrust of their people is when they choose to be more frank with foreigners and rush to tell them what they are not in a hurry to communicate to their fellow citizens.” And then he gets nasty, condemning Putin’s conduct at the recent Valdai forum propaganda festival as a insult to the people of Russia.

But we rise to defend Mr. Putin!  Distrust of the Russian people — indeed, contempt for them — is a theme that runs consistently throughout Russian history. And why shouldn’t Putin have contempt for the people of Russia?

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