Weird Doings at the Moscow Times

“This is the first blog entry of many I’ll be making as I travel along the Russian side of the Russia-China border over the next four weeks, beginning in Chita and ending in Vladivostok.”

That’s what Moscow Times reporter Howard Amos had to say on November 20, 2012, on a special web page on the paper’s website created just for him

He posted every day until November 25th, then went totally silent. Between then and today, December 3rd, more than a week has passed with no hint of why.  A large link to the special web page still appears prominently on the MT’s home page, but readers had no way of knowing if the journey was even still underway.

The reporter’s Twitter feed offers a slight clue.  On November 29th he tweeted: “Goodbye Chita, and your zealous, zealous FSB. In 40 hours I’ll be in Blagoveshchensk.”  Blagoveshchensk is about halfway between Chita and Vladivostok, implying the reporter was continuing his journey to the East but perhaps had been ejected from Chita and his attempt to go close to the Chinese border.

But then the next day came this, out of nowhere:  “That’s it, then. FSB + FMS + MT = total f**k-up. Back to Moscow.”  Since then, no further information on Twitter either.

The special web page is rather bizarre, in that comments are disabled and a map with a small person figure on the route seemed to bear no relations to the reporter’s actual whereabouts.

We wrote the MT editors and asked for an explanation. None was forthcoming.

It’s a pity the MT could not be a bit more transparent with its readers.  If Amos stopped tweeting due to serious problems, we wish him well with them. If he stopped due to pique, that’s a pity too.

UPDATE:  Finally the MT issued an explanation, very weirdly putting a date on the item earlier than it was actually published.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Traitor

Last week, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Vladivostok and told the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin that he would have two magnificent gifts under his Christmas tree this year:  First, America would bestow additional trade benefits on Russia, and second it would ignore Putin’s outrageous human rights record and would do all it could to block legislative efforts in the USA from confronting Putin about them.

And how did Putin thank Clinton for her shameless appeasement?   He soundly repudiated any possibility that Russia would assist the United States in grappling with the forces of dictatorship and terrorism in Syria and Iran. This forced Clinton to conclude the U.S. would have to work outside the purview of the United Nations if it wanted to stand up for democracy and peace in those two rogue states.

Clinton is, of course, in full reelection mode, in cowardly fashion doing the bidding of her lord and master Barack Obama. So she will lie, cheat, steal, do whatever it takes to make that happen.  And if she needs to throw American interests, democracy and world peace under the bus in order to make that happen, so be it.

These are the wages of appeasement. The world saw what happened with the likes of Hitler were treated in this way by the Chamberlain government, and it cannot expect anything different from Putin.  The craven Obama regime is inviting Putin to obliterate democracy within Russia and support terror and dictatorship throughout the Middle East, as long as it helps Obama maintain the pretense that he has “reset” relations with Russia.  This is misconduct for which the USA will pay a heavy price in the future, just as Chamberlain’s Britian did during the blitz.