Russia’s Bird of Youth takes Flight

Russian Youth

Voice of America reports (Russia-language link) that the Russian government’s own statistics show that the country’s population of young people, aged 15-29, had declined by over 6% since 2009.  It reports that the country’s Federal Agency for Youth Affairs believes the decline will accelerate in the coming years, so that Russia will have only 25 million young people, one-quarter fewer than in 2009, by 2022.

The vast majority of this age range in 2022 will be those born in the Putin years.  Someone aged 15 in 2022 was born in 2007 and someone aged 23 in 2022  was born in 1999, when Putin took power as prime minister.  Only those aged 24-29 would be outside the Putin period. So Putin can’t possibly foist the burden of this decline on Boris Yeltsin, nor can he claim these are “russophobic” statistics because they are generated by his own regime.

Of course, if the Putin regime is willing to admit things are this bad, do you dare imagine how bad they really are?

VOA points out that one in five of Russia’s precious remaining youth want to emigrate from Russia, especially for school.  Russian universities routinely fail to register on the list of the world’s best, because they are plagued by corruption, low wages and low budgets.