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Now, Russia Starts Arresting Americans

Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker website, LR publisher and founder castigates the Obama administration for failing to stand up for Peter Willcox, the American captain of the Greenpeace protest vessel Arctic Sunrise which was seized in international waters after attempting to protest Russia’s use of dangerously outdated technology at a Gazprom offshore oil drilling rig.

The piece has been translated into Russian by inoSMI.

It’s simply amazing that Russia would dare to use military force to board a Greenpeace vessel that was not in Russian territorial waters and arrest an American citizen who had done absolutely nothing to interfere with the operation of the rig.  What’s even more shocking is that Russia has dared to accuse Willcox of piracy, a crime which even Vladimir Putin himself admits Willcox can’t be guilty of, and threaten him with fifteen years in a Russian dungeon.

Welcome to Cold War II.

We challenge you, dear reader, to answer this question:  Suppose the USA used military force to board an Russian ship that was not in American territorial waters and arrest the Russian citizen who was that ship’s captain. Suppose the ship was full of Nashi activists whose purpose was to protest American “aggression” in Georgia or Syria.  And all the activists were arrested right along with the captain, and threatened with 15 years in prison. How would Russians react?

4 responses to “Now, Russia Starts Arresting Americans

  1. Fred from Berlin ⋅

    Europe’s silence in the face of the latest events around Tolokonnikova and Greenpeace is a scandal. Especially Germany, the country I live in practices outspoken complicity with Putin’s Mafia state. The german gouvernment has decided to lift the visa obligation for russian officials, the most corrupted part of russian society. That’s not cowardice, that’s collaboration. In no other european country the russian organized crime is so firmly rooted as in Germany. And the german gouvernment decided to enhance this development further. Germany is still a country without moral compass.

  2. Awayfromrussia ⋅

    I guess German officials are hungry for Russian bribes, otherwise they would not do it.

  3. Greenpeace are a creation of the KGB, a bunch of creepy druggies and hippies troublemakers out to make millions on fake crusades…Putin and these scumbags fully deserve each others…For example, with their anti sealing campaign, they have totally destroyed fisheries in the gulf of St Lawrence…now, there is not a single fisherman left in Newfoundland…

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