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Isolated, Neo-Soviet Russia

Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld reviews the latest poll data that shows Russia’s shocking level of international isolation. Even more shocking, though, is the incompetent failure of the Obama administration to capitalize on that isolation to force Russia’s hand on Ukraine.

25 responses to “Isolated, Neo-Soviet Russia

  1. Beetlejuice ⋅

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You know nothing, Kim. The “sanctions” war against Russia and its “isolation” as you call it is also being felt throughout Europe and the USA with the loss countless of billions in transactions. Today both the Czech and Slovak foreign ministers underlined this fact. The USA won’t force Russia to do anything, they are totally impotent in this crisis. Very few in the West are happy about the money going into the pockets of the Ukrainian mafia, and NOBODY wants a war with Russia, except you and your pet Polaks. You can paint a rosy picture of Ukraine all you want. The truth is Ukraine is just a miniature Russia in almost EVERY way; the difference is the status of a world power.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      You’re an illiterate cretin. The isolation discussed in the article is based not on sanctions but on a gigantic international poll by a world-renown pollster. Read first then write, it will work out better for you, ignoramus.

      • Beetlejuice ⋅

        One learns more about Russia from watching paint dry than reading your bullshit, Kim. The French still intend to sell Russia the warships and with the exception of the Polaks none of the central European countries are doing anything with the U.S/EU “sanctions”. Capitalism 101: You don’t screw your business partner. Try writing something that makes one ounce of sense, that would help you greatly, you illiterate baboon 😛

        • mingthemerciless ⋅

          So, cucaracha, what you fucking moron doing here? OK, you are making a living…but as the mudak moskals are the cheapest asses in history, we pity you, cockroach katsap…do you make at least a $100 a month for your dumb shit?

          • mccusa ⋅

            beetleurine/katsap/revoltingbarakhlo is being paid in rubles he gets about 324,564 rubles a month it make 2.34 american dollars; this is just enough to buy two tins of dog food called ‘bielka i strielka’, a staple diet of the whole f@#$ing russian army and ‘le plat du jour’ of all shi@@$$ hole called russia…priceless!!!

  2. Julius Ebola ⋅

    I have a poor opinion of the current US administration, but to blame Barry for everything that’s wrong in the world is very silly. And no, Russia is not isolated at all. Not even the Netherlands is willing to do much in terms of sanctions, despite their citizens being killed. They will take one for the team and move on. Sad but true. Western Europeans are easily bullied or bribed. And sadly for them, the Ukrainians are doomed. They will have to say uncle quite soon, as nobody is going to help them, and EU/NATO accession will never happen.

    If there will be a downfall of the Putin regime, it will only be caused from within, not by “sanctions”. Russia does have a history of implosions.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Your comment is obviously inaccurate. The article does not “blame Barry for everything that is wrong in the world” but rather for adopting a “reset” policy towards Russia that encouraged Putin to believe he could attack Ukraine without consequences. The article’s claim about Russia’s isolation is based on an international poll by a respected pollster that you completely ignore.

      It’s utterly silly to suggest that countries must adopt a war stance on Russia overnight. NATO is using a response of gradualism to maintain the high moral ground while slowly constricting on Russia like a python. While Barry’s cowardice and ignorance have slowed the process more than it should be, this is no different than the weak policies of Jimmy Carter. Soon enough Carter was replaced by Reagan and full force was used.

      You say Ukraine is doomed, but the USSR claimed it would last forever and it was totally destroyed. Hitler wasn’t opposed with full force immediately, but he was ultimately and absolutely destroyed. It is Russia that is doomed, despite Barry’s woefully craven foreign policy. Russia’s polices are self-destructive and have caused massive economic sanctions to be imposed and have caused NATO to radically changed its military readiness attitude. Despite your silly comments, Russia has not taken any more territory in Ukraine and its seizure of Crimea has totally obliterated years of foreign policy effort by Putin to divide and conquer in the West.

      • Julius Ebola ⋅

        While NATO “is using a response of gradualism”, Putin is doing whatever the hell he wants and putting “facts on the ground”. And it’s not Barry’s fault, it’s the European members of NATO who don’t want to get involved in any way. It’s funny how a lot of commentators talk nonsense about how Crimea will be “a Pyrrhic victory”, a “drain on the Russian budget” etc. Crimea has huge strategic importance, and Putin will pour as much money as needed into it. Russia is not a democracy, so even if sanctions hurt the living standards of Russians, it won’t matter. It’s not as if the Russians will rise up, lol.

  3. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Moskals are a nation spawned by the Golden Horde’s sex slaves. Their whole history is that of submission to Absolutists, dictators and sordid mafia mobsters. They have no courage, no spine, no intelligence…like muslims, they are resigned to their fate and revolt is not in their gene…The bolsheviks were a minority of strangers and even the so-called “terrorists” fighting Ukraine are actually mercenary strangers from far away places, like Serbs and Chechens hired by the moskal mafia to weaken it’s neighbor. Even Putin is a gutless, chinless dwarf and will invade nothing…Crimea was a surprise backstabbing…donbass will never see real slimy drunk russians.
    Typical kapsap scum:

    • Julius Ebola ⋅

      I agree that the Russian is essentially a brute, and as such he only understands brute force. If you are nice to him, he will hate you, but if you give him a beatdown he will kiss your hand and call you daddy. That’s why their national heroes are Stalin and Ivan the Terrible, and the only nations they respect are the ones that gave them historic beatdowns (Germans, Japanese, Swedes, Finns).

      The problem is, brutes tend to have the upper hand against cowards. The Ukraine is paying for being so indecisive when Crimea was invaded, and can’t expect to get out of this with its territory intact.

      • larussophobe ⋅

        People said Nazi Germany had the upper hand. It was destroyed. People said the USSR had the upper hand. It too was destroyed. History will roll over Russia like giant boulder, and Russia likewise will be destroyed if it does not change its barbaric ways.

        • Julius Ebola ⋅

          The Third Reich was destroyed by another brute, the USSR, not by cowards and collaborationists like the French and Dutch. And the USSR wasn’t “destroyed”, it just metamorphosized. Apart from the Baltic States, every single other ex-Soviet state is still under Russian domination.

          Of course, history may well roll over Russia at some point (I sure hope so), but it won’t be the Ukraine or the West doing it. Unfortunately, the Ukrainians lost the war the moment they gave up Crimea without a fight. When you give up your biggest strategic asset in a conflict, you’re generally screwed. My guess is that the Russians won’t even try to invade Donetsk and Luhansk. They’ll just turn the region into a bigger Transnistria. And they’ll probably turn the Ukraine into an ungovernable mess, which will eventually have to reach a humiliating agreement with Russia.

          It could have been different, of course. Putin claimed the “little green men” were not Russian, so the Ukrainian army had every reason to consider them terrorists and shoot them, thus calling Putin’s bluff. Failing that, the Ukrainian army should have intervened more forcefully early on in the Donbass rebellions, and NATO should have helped. Instead, both NATO and the Ukraine have had a reactive attitude, letting the Russians keep taking the initiative.

          And lastly, as stupid as the reset policy was, Putin would have invaded Georgia and the Ukraine anyway. It’s foolish to think that everything in the world revolves around America’s decisions.

          • Magnificent Poland ⋅

            The pathetic attempts of lilipucin to keep the ‘most barbaric, revolting and the most idiotic state in the world, the
            Russian ’empire’, is disintegrating in front of our eyes – for God’s sake, Julius Ebola, Russia sunk in their own excrements twice in one century [Russia utonula v sisbstviennym govnie dva raza] – 1917 and 1991. As recent as 1991, Russians were dying from starvation and the Russian delegation who came to see the Senator Lugar, dropped on their knees in front of the American Senator, cried and begged for help. So, as we remember, the Bush 1st, saved the starving and dying Russians by sending hundreds of thousand of frozen chicken [every Russian knows the expression ‘Kuricy Buszha Piervovo’… the same chicken that the American farmers didn’t want to feed their pigs, saved the Russian lives…

      • Magnificent Poland ⋅

        Julius Ebola, you missed Polish victory over the Soviet Union; Poland pulverized the soviet army in the Battle of Warsaw in 1920, hence saving the Christian Europe. The ‘famous’ general Budionny, that urine-skinned, slanted-eyed mongoloid was running back to the Soviet Union with his tail between the legs..

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          The Poles won the Battle of Warsaw, but they lost the war; and didn’t save anything but their regime; even failing to steal half of Ukraine. You got your asses kicked back to Poland.

          Speaking of war, why did the Nazis conquer Poland so fast?
          They marched in backwards so the Polaks thought they were leaving.

          Why did Poland buy 20,000 tanks?
          When they learn how to drive them, they’re going invade Russia and save Ukraine.

          Piotr Polakowski and Pawel Polakowicz two immigrants who went to the post office looking for work. On the window they see a picture of a black man that says ‘Wanted for Rape’. Piotr says to Pawel, “I hate America already!” Pawel says, “Why”? Piotr says, “Because they give all the good jobs to black men!”

          • mccusa ⋅

            the soviet ‘won’ the WW2 and were beautifully awarded by the Generalissimus Stalin the divinity for the mongolian russian hordes – for this Georgian man, the russians died by millions…priceless…

    • Magnificent Poland ⋅

      The most extraordinary thing that is happening in Russia is the fact that 34 years after the soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Afghan heroin still kills one million Russians a year, and, here is the great news, after the total withdrawal of the Americans from Afghanistan the number of dead Russians will raise to four million a year – PRICELESS!!!!!!!

  4. elmer ⋅

    Well, well, well

    In the Rasha, a few thugs comprised of Vovochka Dracul Putler Khuylo and his ugly man-boobs and a select circle of additional thugs oppress 100 million Russians.

    In the Rasha, one is either an accomplice or a victim.

    And Putler Khuylo is crapping his pants, trying to figure out how to protect his little autocracy – and his $40 billion of personal wealth, all fed by a brutally corrupt system of government.

    So —–

    yet another shot fired at Putler Khuylo’s wacky brutally corrupt dictatorship, which is built on hot air soviet style propaganda:

    Dissernet Activists Track Russian Officials With Black-Market Degrees
    By Alexey Eremenko, Moscow Times Aug. 19 2014
    Aug 21, 2014 – 8:50:39 AM

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    What do more than 40 lawmakers, a strident children’s rights advocate, a Ukrainian separatist, a federal minister, a chief investigator and the head of the state circus watchdog have in common?

    They are all accused by activists of having plagiarized their dissertations.

    After the downfall of the Soviet Union, the Russian bureaucracy moved en masse to obtain academic degrees, motivated by what experts believe to have been a cocktail of hubris and insecurity.

    But hundreds among them have since become the targets of grassroots advocacy group Dissernet, on its war path to hunt down and expose degree holders that purchased their dissertations on Russia’s thriving black market for academic research.

    Very few of Dissernet’s victims have confessed to charges of plagiarism, or have been stripped of their degrees over the exposes — a situation Andrei Zayakin, the group’s founder, ascribed to the tendency of bureaucrats to cover each others’ backs.

    But the campaign remains ongoing, and has expanded its scope to cover full-time scholars — many of whom, especially in administrative positions, likewise appear not to have written the works they take credit for, Zayakin said.

    “These people are morally wrong, and we have found a way to prove it,” the theoretical physicist who spearheaded this pervasive anti-plagiarism campaign told The Moscow Times in an exclusive interview.

    But the lanky 33-year-old, who spent the past several years holding postgrad positions around Europe, said he never had any illusions about the government of Vladimir Putin — and at some point, he couldn’t take anymore.

    For Zayakin, the tipping point was the failure of a scholarly article to convince the courts that Moscow’s 2009 legislative elections had been marred. Specifically, the article had alleged electoral fraud on the basis of a statistical pattern first described in the 18th century by Carl Friedrich Gauss, the so-called “Prince of Mathematicians.”

  5. mingthemerciless ⋅

    It will be interesting to see when the Chechens in Donbas will join
    with the Chechen in ISIS now when they return to russia…the “little green men” of Putin will be easy to roll just as the “separatists” were in Donesk, yes, “interesting” times ahead…as the muslim radicals take over all the surrender monkeys of Europe and the USA. They already control many South American countries, Venezuela, Equador, Bolivia, San Salvador…Chile just went over with a muslim ally socialist, like Argentina…

    • The Pshek ⋅

      Lighten up, Ming. Someday, you could be controlling a country too. However, that may require some effort on your part, so get up upon your feet, little boy.

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  9. If we learned anything at all, as a species, from the long bloody twentieth century, and indeed the bloody centuries that preceded it, isn’t it that the root of nearly all conflict is the sad human tendency to insist on only one identity? As soon as anyone defines the question: Pole or Jew, Israeli or Palestinian, Ukrainian or Russian, Serb or Croat, Turk or Kurd, violence follows as night follows day.

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