Get it Straight: Russia Lost World War II

Professor Jonathan Alderman writes on Forbes:

World War II, as Studs Terkel declared, was a “good war” for the US that led to superpower status, economic boom and atomic monopoly. For the Soviet Union, victory over Nazi Germany led to the deaths of 10 million soldiers and 17 million civilians while another 25 million people lived in holes in the ground by 1945.

While the disintegration of the Soviet Union was a major victory for the West, it was for Putin, the greatest disaster of the 20th century. Russia, losing half its population and Eastern European empire, went from being a superpower to being derisively called “upper Volta with nuclear weapons.”  Earlier in the 20th century there were other disasters: the Japanese victory in the 1905 Russo-Japanese War, massive defeats in World War I that led to the February and October Revolutions, the Russian Civil War (11 million deaths) and the horrors of the 1930s.

So get it straight: Russia lost World War II, and America won.  After the war, the USA grew enormously in stature to bestride the globe like a colossus, while Russia shrank. The USSR actually collapsed, thanks to a long string of debilitating failures that culminated in World War II, where Russia first tried to ally with Hitler and then suffered devastating losses.

And what is Russia doing now? It is repeating the mistakes of the past, handing unchecked power to a proud KGB spy whose goal is to recreate Soviet failure.  Today, even the Kremlin and its propaganda network Russia Today admit that because of its wanton aggression in Ukraine and the massive economic sanctions imposed by the West Russia won’t see any economic growth in 2014.  Crimeans are finding out fast that Russia’s promises to them were illusory, and that they’ve made a fatal mistake by throwing in their lot with Russia.  They will watch their former fellow citizens to the north join the EU and NATO and soar to economic prosperity while, chained to Russia, they sink into the miasma of Russian failure.

Putin Declares war on USA

Over on the mighty Pajamas Media megablog, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld reveals that Vladimir Putin has openly declared war on the USA, shutting down both the American Council and the Voice of America.  The craven Barack Obama allows Russia Today to go on bleating anti-U.S. propaganda but Putin has silenced the two main voices of American culture and thought in Russia.

Russia is Ruled by a Goddamned Liar

puting lying

“The total population of the Crimean Peninsula today is 2.2 million people, of whom … about 290,000 to 300,000 are Crimean Tatars, the majority of whom, as the referendum has shown, also lean toward Russia.”

That was Vladimir Putin talking. His lips were moving, which means he was lying.

The Crimean Tatars boycotted the Crimea referendum, and many of them traveled to Kiev to take part in the Maidan uprising. The notion that the referendum showed they wanted to be part of Russia is an utterly laughable falsehood.

And by the way, Mr. Putin, the reason there are so many ethnic Russians in Crimea as compared to other ethnic groups, like Tatars,  is the ethnic cleansing policies of Josef Stalin. Before Stalin imposed state-sponsored racism in Crimea, more than a third of the population was Tatar.

It wasn’t the first time Putin had been caught lying about Crimea.  Two weeks before he invaded Crimea, he swore to the world it was something he would never do.

It never ceases to amaze how willing the lemming-like population of Russia is to tolerate being ruled by brazen liars.  How can they possibly think their nation can survive being governed by those who simply don’t tell the truth about basic facts, not even to themselves? Don’t Russians realize that it was precisely this kind of national self-deception that brought about the ruin of the USSR?

Getting Russia Wrong

LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog takes pundit Fareed Zakaria and former Ambassador Michael McFaul to task for their horrendous errors misjudging the Putin regime.  Reading their work, it’s genuinely terrifying that the ravings of such miscreants were elevated over the prescient insights of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Had they been elected rather than Barack Obama and Joe Biden, it’s likely we would not see Russian troops annexing parts of Ukraine and Georgia.

Putin turns Russia into an Outlaw Nation

Over the the powerful and influential American Thinker blog, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld shows how Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine has turned Russia into an outlaw nation.  Putin lied brazenly about his intentions in regard to Crimea, and in launching his attacked violated Russia’s written promise in the Budapest accord to respect Ukrainian territory.  From now on, no nation can trust Russia.  No agreement Russia makes is worth the paper it is printed on.  As such, Russia is cast out from the fold of civilized countries and will now exist as a criminal state, a pariah unable to count on any other country as its partner.

It is the end of days for Russia.

The Dangerous Friends of Putin on U.S. Far Right

Over on the powerful and influential American Thinker blog, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld exposes the dangerous collaborators of Vladimir Putin to be found on the American far right, and issues a clarion call for remembering the example of the greatest American conservative, Ronald Reagan, as new iron curtain descends across the former USSR.

Russia’s Fraudulent “Claim” to Crimea

If you think Russia has some type of “claim” on Crimea because it used to be part of Russia and people there speak Russian, do you also think Mexico has a “claim” on the Southwestern USA for the same reason?

Over on Pajamas Media, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld points out how totally ludicrous Russia’s “claim” on Ukraine has to be viewed by any patriotic American citizen.

Top 10 Achievements of Putin in Ukraine

Here are the top ten achievements of Vladimir Putin so far in Ukraine, following close on the heels of his invaluable assistance in helping Victor Yanukovich out of power:

10.  Kremlin websites downed in DDOS cyber attacks.

9.  Putin exposed before the world as maniacal mental case.

8. Precedent set for autonomous regions to vote themselves out of Russia.

7.  Ukraine shows the world what patriotism really means.

6. Russia stock market a smoking ruin, reserves and ruble plummeting, inflation soaring.

5. Russophobia permanently and totally validated.

4. John McCain in the Maidan.

3. Prospects for NATO membership of Georgia and Ukraine vastly increased.

2.  Russia Today totally and permanently discredited.

1.  Europe galvanized against Russia as common foe.