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Russian Poverty

poor_childIn the USA, a person earning $930 or less per month is deemed to fall below the “poverty” level and is considered poor.

In Russia, the figure is $200 per month.

So the poverty income ratio between the USA and Russia is roughly 5:1.

An average American earns about $3,600 per month (about $22.50/hour). The average Russian earns about $770 per month (about $4.80/hour).

So the ordinary income ratio between the USA and Russia is roughly the same as the poverty ratio, 5:1.  The average American poor person has about five times more income than the average Russian poor person, and the average American also has about five times more income.

Of course, nobody in their right mind would suggest that the cost of living in Russia is five times lower than in the United States. In fact, the giant Russian city of Moscow, for example, is routinely ranked as one of the most expensive places to live on the entire planet. Sony TVs, Levi’s jeans, Big Macs, VWs, they all cost pretty much the same no matter where you go.

So, to the extent that the cost of living in the USA isn’t five times higher than Russia, the Russian definition of “poverty” is much too miserly compared to that of the USA.  Of course, by defining poverty in a miserly way, the Russian government gets to claim that fewer Russians are living in poverty than there actually are, making itself look better.

And in fact, most reasonable people accept that the Kremlin sets the “poverty” level artificially — indeed, ludicrously — low in order to make itself look good, by magically erasing the number of poor people, with the stroke of a pen.

But even by miserly Russian standards, Moscow Times reporter Howard Amos reports that the condition of poverty in Russia is worsening. Statistics show that there are now 400,000 more Russians living in poverty, as the Kremlin defines it, than there were in 2007.  There has been no decline in “poverty” as the Kremlin defines it in more than five years.  As has been pointed out, three times more Russians live on less than $7 per day than have ever traveled abroad.

Russia is a poor country, and getting poorer. No amount of Kremlin sleight of hand can change that. And the day of reckoning is coming fast and soon.

51 responses to “Russian Poverty

  1. Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

    >> And the day of reckoning is coming fast and soon. >>

    For once, LR’s plea was answered soon enough — on the very next day. Too bad it came at the expense of the Yank baboons. Kim, honey: You’re literally playing with (machine-gun) fire!

  2. Beetlejuice ⋅

    But Russian first graders can at least feel comfortable with the thought that they’ll go home to their parents alive. A security that has diminished in the USA.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      Pretty sure you don’t care about facts, but Russia’s intentional homicide rate is nearly three times higher than the USA’s. So in other words, people are FAR safer from murder in the USA than in Russia. If you’d like to read about the horrors faced by women and children in Putin’s Russia, you might check this out:

      Of course, none of this has ANYTHING to do with the topic of this post, which is POVERTY in Russia, not murder. The fact that you want to change the subject clearly indicates that you know this article is fully correct and devastating, so thanks for the compliment!

    • Children alone, which were killed by armed people in the last two decades since Russia independence, are in excess of 20 000.

      “In November 2004, the chairman of Chechnya’s pro-Moscow State Council, Taus Djabrailov, said over 200,000 people have been killed in the Chechen Republic since 1994, including over 20,000 children”

      Those children were all Russian citizens.

      As for crime statistics, established Russian observer Latynina in her recent piece noted that in some regions of Russia possible children’s violent deaths are being masked as “disappearances” or “runaways” with rates 26/27 : 1, which means out of 26 missing children only one case is opened by the police for investigation. The rest could be visiting “estranged grandma”.

  3. Beetlejuice ⋅

    Lady Gaga not only angers Vladimir Putin but also Kim Zigfled and cabal of russophobes as she promotes a sin against the teachings of god in Moscow.

  4. siber_troll ⋅
    russian oppositioner Boris Nemtsov exposes the population growth: small post-WWII generation of elders and pike of 1980s babyboomers who bears children now. we know that migration from Central Asia adds to numbers as distortions of Russian State Statistics Department. Russia lives fast, dies young(c).

  5. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Beetlevomit sez:
    “But Russian first graders can at least feel comfortable with the thought that they’ll go home to their parents alive. A security that has diminished in the USA.”

    Seem the retarded ignoramus has never heard of Beslan, in north OSSETIA where 360 little children where raped, tortured and murdered by his communist Putin’s dear friends the muslims.

    These terrorist assassins had been trained in Iran, Putin’s best friend giving him billions to make nuclear weapons.

    Russia, north Korea and Cuba are poor because they make too many bombs to support their communistic oligarchy.

  6. mingthemerciless ⋅

    Japan’s life expectancy is the laughingstock of the world.

    Japaneses die actually quite young but their family never report the death and keep cashing the $1000 a month pension cheque!

    There’s on record tens of thousands of Japanese 120 years old, but nobody have seen them for fifty years!

  7. marduk ⋅

    I see Tsar Putin is again paying women a pittance to have babies,without any luck for the tenth year in a row, thanks to him most russian women from the ages of 16-35 will have to resort to prostitution (mail order or direct) and they realise that its hard to do with a little ruski bastard hanging off your tit (just ask manfreds mum) or the poor swedes who have to put up with the slavic fuckwit

    • Bohdan ⋅

      What apt and fitting two words you used marduk to describe accurately that “untermensch” ManTurd, as a ‘slavic fuckwit’!!! Yes indeed a most fitting and well earned description of this inept and brainless communist.

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Slavic? Who? Me? Are you hinting at kinship between me and lowlife such as Psheks/Ukros? I thought Russians passed for Mongols in your parlance.

      • Bohdan ⋅

        Hey Manturd, you ‘slavic fuckwit,’ reread the subject matter before you open your ridiculously stupid mouth!!! Comrade baboon it is unbelievable just what an utter idiot you prove yourself to be on an ad nauseam basis! And NO, NO and NO – you are never compared to ‘Psecks/Ukros,’ as to do so is an unimaginable insult to them!!!

        Back to your ridiculous communist propaganda indoctrination crap sheets, comrade vegetable swede. Because if you are an average Swede – and I don’t believe you are – then you must be one hell of a ruski parasite, ‘sponging’ off their generous welfare system.

      • MCC ⋅

        Don’t flatter yourself – if russian women were raped by the mongols for 500 years – half a millenium – you are a mongol all right. manfred russkiye barakhlo…..

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Thanks, I’m pleased to hear that I could never pass as a Pshek — that’s for sure. Ratzinger fucks Psheks stiff.

          • MCC ⋅

            kleine schwaine you are right you couldn’t pass for an European….. not only anthropologically – Europeans do not march to the gulags like animals to the slaughter….

          • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

            Did you write this, mccusa?

            Kapitalisci dokonali przerazających aktów ludobójstwa w Kongu Belgijskim, Indiach Brytyjskich Iraku Wietnamie Korei Algierii Czeczenii Afganistanie Palestynie Gwatemali Nikaragui Indonezji.Dopuścili się wielkich okrucieństw w pierwszej wojnie światowej wojnie secesyjnej w czasie powstania na Filipinach  w czasie wojen bananowych i interwencji w Libii.

          • mccusa ⋅

            Russia is considered, all over the world – by the most sophisticated to the simplest and poorest countries in the world – just ‘gryaznyie voanuszczye svinie, obyicy, vory – the most dispised pathetic pitiful clawns and beggars in the world… manfred barakhlo eto pravilno….

  8. Auriga ⋅

    Indeed Russian average wages are lower.
    1) In Russia wages are calculated ‘after the taxes’, unlike US.
    2) Russia has no huge deficit (foreign trade and government), US wages are paid at the cost of growing debt.
    3) Salary is comparative. It’s psychology: you compare your wallet with neighbor’s not with average US citizen. Unemplyment in US is greater, and people after certain period are just excluded from labour force in US – this is a statictical trick to reduce number of unemployed. They may rely on food stamps for now, and other programs, but what will happen after the fiscal cliff?
    4) Most of Russians own their flats, a car is not critical, as there is cheap public transportation, and people are not in debt.
    So if Russians rely on the job less. Regular income is important, but not crtitical.

    • MCC ⋅

      What a russian paradise, stupid, retarded, auriag aka manfred and co…I have one question though, why or why all russian population 90 million russians and 50 millions muslims want to leave that sh#$%t whole called russia DO TELL….AVRIGA…..

      • Auriga ⋅

        You are halucinating

      • Rare_F5_Twister ⋅

        What a polish paradise, stupid, retarded mccusa aka rabid russophobe and co…I’ve got a question for you too, but before that, I’d like you to visit US Diversity Visa Lottery website (aka Green Card Lottery) at That particular page contains some statistics which clearly states that for 2013 fiscal year there are 2000 prospective immigrants from Poland and 2800 from Russia. Now, assuming that the population of Poland is 38 million and the population of Russia is 140 million people, we obtain that Poles what to leave that sh#$%t whole called Poland 2.6 times more than the Russians what to leave Russia. Which means that the sh#$%t whole called Poland is 2.6 times deeper and shittier that the sh#$%t whole called Russia.
        Now the question is: Do you agree with me mccusa? Would you like me to explain the math how 2.6 was obtained?

        • MCC ⋅

          You stupid brainless russian baboon – russians CANNOT LEAVE THEIR BELOVED country, the russian/mongolian hordes will HAVE to stay and suffer in the shit hole called russia – that’s what makes us SO happy…By the way, ANOTHER RUSSIAN FLYING COFFING DROPPED OUT OF THE SKY THIS TIME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MOTORWAY, PRICELESS.. What, do you think, dearie, happened…sinister outside,[ american] forces caused it or just another cosmic russian stupidity. Every time this type of humiliating event happens, I think about the wife of the soviet ambassador shoplifting at the Selfridges of London….That’s a ‘glory’ of russia all right….

  9. Auriga ⋅

    As to getting poorer, my salary added 55% year to year. Official inflation is 6-7%, real probably 10%/

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Congratulations Auriga. While waiting for the LR Sages to pass their highly valuable judgement, here’s at least what a layman such as me would anticipate to hear:

      a) You’re in direct pay of Vladimir Putin/The Kremlin. Drop dead!

      b) Your salary was raised from next to nothing to a fairly lousy one. A low-paid American makes MUCH more money than you.

      c) “The mccusa option” — to wit, Siberia is being retaken by the Chinese, Moscow is 80% Central Asian and Muslim, Russia is the world’s laughing stock, and I’m going to give Ratzinger a really juicy blow job.


      • MCC ⋅

        Kleine russkoye barakhlo. ‘The mccusa option’ is the ONLY option for russia – you know that perfectly well, even if the only miniscule part of your russian brain works…Enjoy

  10. Danish Goalkeeper ⋅

    Talks about the 5:1 ratio
    GIves Moscow as an example of costs

    Our silly Kim forgets to mention that in Moscow an average salary is $3,000+. Not because everyone earns it but because for every one who earns $700, there are ENOUGH earning $15,000 per month and are very successful.

    In “the country”, obviously people are much poorer but the prices are about 3 times lower than anywhere in the US. I’m talking about prices of food, transportation, utilities/telecom bills and other neccesseties.

    Kim also forgets to mention that in Russia almost EVERYONE, including pensioners OWN their apartments, while in America everyone either rents or pays mortgage. With an average rent (of 1 bedroom apartment) in America ranges from $600 to $2000 per month (say ranging from Alabama to San Fran or New York), in Russia people only pay maitenance on their apartments, which don’t even total up $100 per month.

    So an average American in San Francisco earning $3300 a month in San Francisco pays $1500 a month on rent and $500 on utilities/telecom bills, leaving them with only $1300 for the rest of the month for food and every day life.

    An average Russian in Vladiovostok earns $1300 a month and pays maybe $200 worth of total bills, leaving them with $1100 to spend on food, transportation and entertainment that is 2-3 times cheaper than in San Francisco, therefore keeping the same lifestyle, or even having a better lifestyle.

    What I just described is called “Geoarbitrage”.

    So What Is Geoarbitrage?

    Well if geo means location, and arbitrage is taking advantage of the price difference between two or more markets, then geo arbitrage is simply:

    the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more geographical markets: striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize upon the imbalance.

    But our close-minded Kim can’t see past the borders of the US of A.

    • siber_troll ⋅

      in the first, russian prices on food and all other commodities 2-3 times higher than american due too customs duties. having 1000 bucks in USA more pleasant than analogue in Russia. second, quality of apartments ans telecom services. third, risky life in Russia where almost every road conflict ends with shooting or knife swinging and deaths. of cause war between citizens goes not only on the roads but in every aspekt of russian existence. how about raped and killed orphans who has no protection, or dying homeless poor elders or unfairly jailed in prison who gets their portion of beating from russian penitentiary officers? it is very short list of causes why russians prefer to die fast than build long happy life among communist shit.

      • Auriga ⋅

        You are wrong. Big Mac Index (the price of components of one big mac) is $4.33 for US and $2.29 for Russia.
        So cost of food in Russia is 53% of US price.

        • siber_troll ⋅

          quality of food: russians have to import most cheap sorts of.
          p.s. in other hand, constant internecine war has use: only strongest survive and they will form mighty horde in the future while western softies loose their will to fight. an old mongol way of domination.

        • siber_troll ⋅

          question is how germans could beat Stalin’s horde in proportion 1:20. may be western guys are not powerless softies

  11. Marduk ⋅

    good ol’ Vladivostok , $1100 a month eh, I have to wipe tears of laughter from my eyes. I was there about 6 months ago. The reason the local mafia was trying to sell a grain elevator they had just stolen off a local business and were trying to ship it to Germany. And if I saw anyone there who even looked like had $1100, perhaps it was the chap leading his two girls door to door in the building selling them for sex. Looked like they were 13 years old. Now pick the ball up from the back of the net, son

    • Danish Goalkeeper ⋅

      You were there 6 months ago? I’m there 6 out of 12 months a year working for an oil & gas project.

      You are clueless.

      • MCC ⋅

        yeah, right, manfred, russkiye obsoranye barakhlo, another version of kgb operative by the name of danish goalkeeper, you are beyond grotesque….and Siberia has millions of russians there, working, being well paid, living in magnificent homes, no corruption, law obiding russians – give me a break, dearie, and, by the way, not a single Chinese in sight in the entire, enormous Siberian wilderness…..

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Est-ce que tu as fait de la recherche pour conclure réellement qu’il s’agît de la même personne? C’est facile pour la plupart comment y arriver, mais pour un pauvre Pchèque, c’est probablement pas le cas.

        Je t’embrasse,


        • mccusa ⋅

          No ’embracing’ dearie, keep, lices, shi@#$, dirth and veneral diseased fon your russian body, russkiy bednaszka, manfred…

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Szanuje i podziwiam Putina, jest to bardzo dobry polityk, szkoda ze my w kraju nie mamy takiego dobrego przywodcy.

  12. Ugi Zop-zop-zop-zop-zop-zop-zop-zop ⋅

    RE: “An average American earns about $3,600 per month (about $22.50/hour).”

    I’ll tell you what LR sweetie, I’ve been an American for
    nearly 50yrs + I can guarantee you the average wage
    for American is NOT $22.50 an hour. It’s a lot less.

    Now tell me you love me, LR sweetie-pie.:)

    • siber_troll ⋅

      i suppose u r much lower than american average by intellectual and physical capabilities. that’s why u returned to Rodina

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Всем не угодишь, Сибер Тролль. Как ты чувствуешь себя? Завтра мы пошлем за доктором. Имеются данные, которые указывают на наличие слабого ума.

        • siber_troll ⋅

          напомни где я живу манфред. а то с тобой так весело что я адрес забыл

    • Harvey ⋅

      The actual average american earns an almost upsetting average income when compared to the wealth of the country, it is the grounded inequalties within the society (present on different levels depending often on geographics and/or racial or social backgrounds) and the constantly renewed focus and man made emphasis of both necessity and aspiration of the accumulation of material and materialistic value e.g. private property, multinationals, meritocracy and free market economy.
      Subsequently when a country that’s development revolves around accumulation of wealth of the individual (meritocracy, Neo Liberalism) a horribly distorted view of the social, economic or even medical positions of the most part of the country becomes easy to draw from it. However I can’t be boozed to write an essay as i’m already writing one but focus and prioritization of wealth over social wellbeing (valuing material wealth like money, land, property over human life. People who work, spend live, learn and add there own unique skills, talents and ideas to the world) a state in which it perpetuates itself further and further into the depths of inequality will inevitably rise. This could be seen as due to the idea that it becomes a lot easier to make more money or wealth…when one has it to begin with, especially when considering the nations inherent love and ambition of capital gain through ‘self liberation’ and free market. Furthering this it actually limits liberty (which is so adored as an idea in US) due to the fact that becoming successful in finding your way to realistically your ‘slice of the pie’ is hindered by the heirachy of wealth in which, already stated would just become easier to climb the higher up you got thus restricting ordinary people from financially bettering themselves (even only if to pay for something as essential as health insurance in a place that, due to it’s vast wealth, economic power and developed infrastructure realistically should be a ridiculous and unnecessary concept). This adds up as one interconnected point as to how fudged the American concept of Freedom and prosperity is.

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  15. Russophile ⋅

    Atleast the Russians are much better than those incestuous homosexuals from Europe and North America.In Europe and America the sons fuck their fathers and daughters fuck their mothers. I guess it is part of their culture. The Russians should not be ashamed of being called Mongols because the Mongols are a tough people and much better than those European fuckwits.The European Untermensch are nothing more than a copy of the US.They don’t have their own Identity and cultures unlike the people in Asia.They sell their daughters and sons for prostitution and feminazis are running rampant.
    I am from India and I absolutely support Putin and his foreign, internal, Human rights and military policies.
    I support the annexation of Crimea.
    I am a Russophile and I am proud of it.

  16. Ha-Ha! I guess never mind that CIA stats show Russia poverty level below that of USA? 11% against 15% – check Wikipedia you dorks, if you can not get other credible sources.

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