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The Crash of the Putin Economy

Just this month alone, the value of the Russian currency is down 5%. But that is nothing.

Russia’s stock exchange has just entered bear market territory. It is down a whopping 15% this month alone.  The month isn’t even over yet, of course.

And then there’s capital flight.  Last year, Russia bled money at the terrifying rate of over $20 billion per quarter, racking up over $80 billion in total by year’s end. This year?  Russia has seen $42 billion in capital flight in just the first four months of this year alone!  In other words, Russia’s rate of capital flight in 2012 is nearly double what it was in 2011.

Putin has placed his nation in a terrifying vortex of failure.

On the one hand, Russians see economic crisis in Europe and they believe, quite rightly, that this crisis will severely impair European demand for Russian oil and gas. Since that is the bulwark of the Russian economy, the value of Russia’s stock market is immediately obliterated, and nobody needs rubles to buy anything.

On the other hand, Russians see Putin’s return to power as “president for life” seriously restricting the sort of liberties that are necessary for business to thrive, and they realize that “more of the same” only means that Russia’s life-threatening problem with corruption will be unchanged.  As a result, Russians conclude that they must remove their assets to foreign shores where the prospect of utilization and safety is far better.

Recent opinion polls show that Russians are terrified of what lies before them, so much so that they are even turning on Putin himself. This means a vicious cycle will result, with Putin needing to crack down ever harder in order to maintain his power, breeding even more mistrust and economic disaster.  But if the people of Russia are so foolish as to hand unlimited power to a proud KGB spy, who can say they do not deserve this pernicious fate?

55 responses to “The Crash of the Putin Economy

  1. mingthemerciless ⋅

    “Proud” KGB spy?

    What about using “Sordid”…a sordid bilge rat, emulating his master Andropov who built his reputation raping and murdering children in Finland “Winter War” as a terrorist partisan…

    • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

      Could you provide us with a link to that story, please? We would be more than happy to learn a bit more about that soviet monster.
      We always knew that Andropov was abastard but I haven’t suspected that he was such a low life degenerate.

      Greeting from Aussie – Bogdan

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Are you saying that we’ll be witnessing “The crash of the Putin economy” in 2012 due to the fact that Andropov devoured infants en masse for breakfast in Finland 70-odd years ago? Sounds interesting 🙂

      • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

        Schweinscheiss, dein Gehirn is eine Scheisse.

        This is not what ming is suggesting. It is about not to name Rus-Putin a “proud KGB spy”. There is nothin proud in being a KGB operative. It is like being a Gestapo or SS operative. In fact, KGB has more , much more blood on its collective claws than SS and Gestapo combined.

        Vasilij Blokhin, a CzK, NKVD, KGB operative and a chief executioner of Polish officers at Katyn was also the most efficient killer in the history of humanity. By his own account he has PERSONALLY AND BY HIS VERY OWN HANDS murdered more than fifty thousand people.

        A true hero of USSR! Worthy of Lenin’s Price.

        And as you know yourself, STASI at its very beginning was widely using the services of brainwashed Gestapo operatives.

        There in nothing surprising in that. A willing slave will always be a slave regardless whom it is slaving.

        Appart from that, before the WW2 Stalin and Hitler were pals and mates so some of that pre-war mateship between KOZIS and NAZIS was restored in the so called “Deutsche Demokratische Republik”

        “DDR” what an oxymoron!

        • Beetlejuice ⋅

          How about Bandera’s UPA “freedom fighters” who cut open pregnant Polish women and butchered their babies in front of them?

      • De hecho, todo esto parece bastante interesante, Boredan. Pero, todavía, no está claro para mí de qué manera tus verborreas majaretas están legadas con el derrumbamiento de la “Economía Putin”.

        “Ich bin am Ort das gröBte Schwein
        Und lass mit nur mit Boredan ein”

        Tu fiel amigo,


      • Victoria ⋅

        kleine schwaine, I am sure that you enjoyed the putin’s to China as I did. What a pleasure to see putin on its knees in front of Chinese – it is official then – russia is under total control of China, Russia will be simply a provider of commodities, as planned by china. But as we all know, it is nothing new – we should remember the total subjugation of russian tribes by the Mongol Golden Horde – history repeats itself …..

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Any interesting toilet dissertations, mccusa? Don’t let your audience down like some Pshek in Smolensk, please.

          • Victoria ⋅

            I think that the Smolensk political murder by pedophile putin has been vindicated – four planes dropped from the friendly russian skies in one day – it is more daily causulties than during the Battle of Britain, brawo russia!!. What about if book a one-way ticket for you on sukhoi indonesia airport – volcano indonesia, another choice would be an underwater trip on ‘kursk’ – you russian love to travel…….

          • Victoria ⋅

            kleine schwaine did you know that when russia’s greatest ally, island of nauru, 21 square kilometers, 9200 inhabitants and NO capital city, recognized south ossetia and abhazia, poor people of nauru got confused and made a boo boo – horror of horrors – they recognized TATARSTAN – de facto independent country, run by moderate muslim majority with russian orthodox minority, enormous catholic population, great presence of buddists, etc. it was a perfect joke from Warsaw, Poland all over internet just minutes of the recognition…

          • Victoria ⋅

            kleine schwaine, changing the topic, being more obnixious than normal thank you for agreeing with my assessment of russia…..

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              The whole world agrees with the world’s brightest Pshek, mccusa. How could it possibly be otherwise?

              • Victoria ⋅

                Define the whole world – russian definition – the whole world are ‘obosranye uborney’ v moskvie…

              • It might even be that the whole Universe agrees with Planet Earth’s brightest Pshek. Conclusion: If mccusa were to perish in Smolensk, civilization would suffer beyond imagination.

                • MCC ⋅

                  Just to refresh your memory – monsieur putain had an near miss – his russian built flying coffin ALMOST crash in Kazakhstan – hopefully the next time we could celebrate volodia’s demise…it might be soon Poland 1 russia …

                • Victoria ⋅

                  russkiy katsap, I heard that volodia putain had NEAR MISS on his russian made flying coffin – Poland is watching this happy news with great interest. Let’s wait and see…..

      • Victoria ⋅

        nice try but no, dearie, ; the crash of the Putin economy is just another step of russia’s slow, painful, ugly and soon bloody but inevitable desintegration – it will lead to the bloodiest civil war the world ever seen. Hopelully ONLY ethnic russians will be slaughtered..

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Funny this misspelling which seems to have “elevated” from a clanger to some sort of self-promotion by our Arschauer slaboumny: “desintegration”.

          Any interesting toilet disserations, mccusa?

          • Victoria ⋅

            kleine schwaine, dearie, whatever you say NOTHING will change the fact that russia is desintegrating – putain’s recent trip to Canossa, whoops China shows that russia has no choice – did you see putin’s behaviour during his visit to Beijing – he looked so greatful and happy to be received by his Chinese Masters…..

          • MCC ⋅

            poczemu w rosjii wsio gryaznye i obosranye – sorry what a silly question; I forgot this is the natural habitat of the russian mongol hordes ….By the way, DEAR, I have another unforgottable memory from my only visit to moscow – at the same ‘ubornye na kurskom vagzale. Picture this: two raws of Turkish toilets facing each other; the hole, two feet, etc., – the only problem was that all doors were stolen so the happy russian prolaterians were squatting sh#$%ting and looking at each other – you might even remember that – an experience of every soviet PLEASE SHARE YOUR MEMORIES…

          • Victoria ⋅

            manfred, Russkiy katsap, GOOD NEWS another two planes crashed in russia – it is truly priceless keep amusing the world…..

            • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

              No toilet dissertations as yet, mccusa? Keep parading Pshek expertise for overall world betterment.

      • Victoria ⋅

        kleine schwaine, vopros oczen vaznyi, gdzie zena volodii putina ludmila ty eyeo pomish eta zyrnaya urodkaya korova, govoriat szto eye zepierli ili v tiurmu ili v kakoy to cerkvi s menaszkami – kazetsia shot volodia ne tolko trakhayet malszykov no toze etuyu uzbeckuyu blats alinu kabayevu – kazetsa szto u nikh syn ili sukinsyn, kak nazywayetsya po ruskie bastard….DO TELL. DEARIE…

    • Bohdan ⋅

      mingthemerciless, Andropov was also infamous for the dirty and lying work he carried out in Budapest during the 1956 Hungarian uprising, when the courageous citizens arose against the communist oppressors in their failed revolt.

      Now just watch the puerile propaganda that brainwashed Manfred limpdick will dream up.

    • It’s plain to see
      The KGB
      Did quite a few things right
      It kept us free
      From slavery
      Not hesitant to fight

      It would be fine
      If Western swine
      Could all just be wiped out
      The sun would shine
      On Earth divine
      No parasites would shout

      • Bogdan from Australia ⋅

        Schweinscheiss is binging on his own excrements…

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Any interesting toilet dissertations, Boredan? Please keep up the proud heritage and memory of the world’s brightest Pshek — to wit, mccusa!

          • Victoria ⋅

            How can a ‘russian savage’ talks about toilets, entity totally UNKNOWN in russia…During my only visit to russia; the only thing I remember is the public toilet at the kurskiy vogzal – walls covered with excrements up to the ceilings all in shape of human/soviet proletariat hands and on this sh#$ty wall there was a lenin’s portrait hanging – just VINTAGE RUSSIA….

      • larussophobe ⋅

        That’s great! Now write one about Hitler’s Nazis! Encore! Bravo!


      • I believe you should, love. Don’t you have any talents at all? Nazism is the spawn of Americanism, mind you.

      • Victoria ⋅

        that ‘poem’ was written in the gulags. Pretty soon manfred pathetic russian slave will be marching back to the gulag courtesy of Monsieur Putian….good luck…

      • Victoria ⋅

        This ‘poem’ is a classic example of advanced schizophrenia, If you increase a dosage of medication it can be kept under control, dearie…

  2. Auriga ⋅

    Russian economy is OK, growth above 4% by the worst scenario, record low inflation, steadily growing industial production in manufacturing and metallurgy, good industrial PMI index in april (growing, while European is falling sharply).

    US oil refineries are shutting down:
    Sunoco is closing two refineries in July 2012 in Philadelphia and Marcus Hook, PA. Conoco Phillips announced the closing of two plants in Trainer, PA and Bayway, NJ, and is closing its facility in Alaska. Hess is closing the third largest U.S. oil refinery, laying off 2,000 workers and impacting 950 contractors
    While two new were built in Russia in 2011.

    US is building 1 new nuclear reactor, while Russia is building 10. And by the way, is the leading exporter of nuclear plants.

    US satelite launch rate is now surpassed not only by Russians, but by Chinese too.

    In the decade from 2000 to 2011 automotive industry (number of motor vehicles built per year) has changed:
    In US -33.4%
    In Russia +64.9%

    For the first time net migration of Mexicans into US turned negative (cus there is no more jobs). Yet by coincidence white birth in US went below 50%.

    You Have No Future.

    • larussophobe ⋅

      The mistake you are making is in comparing growth rates. This means nothing. The US economy is worth 15 trillion, Russia 1.5 trillion, TEN TIMES less. This means that even if the USA’s growth rate is ONE QUARTER that of Russia, the USA will still be adding MUCH MORE dollar value to its economy each year than Russia will, and much more per capita because of Russia’s giant population.

      The proof of Russian failure is capital flight, which you TOTALLY IGNORE. Russian money is fleeing Russia because Russians, unlike you, know that their economy is nothing but smoke and mirrors. No rule of law, no diversity, nothing but raw material dependence, the price controlled by foreigners.

      “You have no future” is what the Soviets said. Who was it that then collapsed, Mr. Illiterate Monkey?

      • The so called capital flight is due to Western financial institutions needing money to save themselves. So the problem is not in Russia.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

        Sorry, Kim: With its 300-odd million home constituency of totally unproductive, uncompetitive, and parasitic social strata, the situation for US imperialism has become utterly untenable. With no domestic creation of wealth to fall back on, its ceaseless wars to preserve the decadent American way of life will bankrupt the Yank baboons all the sooner.

      • Auriga ⋅

        Good comparison with Soviet Union. Obombo is your Gorby.

    • Victoria ⋅

      russia is going through a low grade civil war all over its stolen territories. Russian army is 50% muslim and when you enter russian ‘capital’ you entering the central asian muslim city. What a pleasure to see russia sinking into its own excrements. I saw that f#$%ing little excrement claine shwaine is back after the mental treatment in lubianka. claine shwaine should run back to russia; just before monsieur putain will reopen the ONLY infrastructure that work in the shitty russia – the gulags…

      • Auriga ⋅

        you are lunatic. Apparently you can not provide any figures to back your twisted vision of Russia.
        For example, any proof for 50% muslim army?

  3. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    Andropov’s filthy genocide work:
    “Andropov joined the Komsomol in 1930. He became a member of the Communist Party in 1939 and was First Secretary of the Central Committee of Komsomol in the Soviet Karelo-Finnish Republic from 1940 to 1944.

    During World War II, Andropov took part in partisan guerrilla activities in Finland. From 1944 onwards, he left Komsomol for Communist Party work. In 1947, he was elected Second Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Karelo-Finnish SSR.[3]

    Andropov moved to Moscow in 1951 and joined the party secretariat.”

  4. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    With Manfred SoftDick the Bolchevik, it is always Newspeak time…”War is Peace”, “Truth is a lie”etc…

    So he just copy a description of the neo-Soviet Russia and paste it here, just changing the names from Russia to “USA”.

    If you wonder where the Russian communist Oligarchs hide their money, just visit or simply buzz the Florida East and West coast with Google Earth and get a load of the hundreds of High rise condos the Russian Bolcho Mafia built on the beach and that still go for a million dollars or two even in the Communist Obama’s recession!

    Eat your heart out, starving moujiks!

  5. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    Keep in mind that most of the Karelian Slavs where exterminated to the last by Manfred’s Bolsheviks.
    They all of course sided with the Finns, after experiencing the socialist nightmare. After winning the war, with the USA’s supplies(50,000 trucks, ten million tons of goods), Stalin forced the Finns to repatriate all of them and
    they mostly all disappeared in ditches along the way with a bullet in the head…(That would be the lucky ones…read up in “Gulag Archipelago” about the tortures that ALL the Russian prisoners of war of the Germans suffered after getting sent home by force by that fascist dictator wannabe Roosevelt)

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      That’s >> were >>, not >> where >> , dolt. You should be able to differentiate by their respective pronunciation.

      Ming = Mercilessly clueless

      • Victoria ⋅

        hey kleine shwaine this is mcc read Polish Nobility. I have a perfect solution to the ‘syrian’ problems – for every slaughtered Syrian innocent civilian – child, woman, old man etc, one russian/mongolian barbarian shoulld be slaughtered . By the way, klaine gryaznaya swinia, it is truly priceless watching russia’s ’empire’ slowly desintegrating … And that pathetic pedophile putain with its eurasian union – dimasha pieskov should change the dossage of the drugs hieis giving to the poor volodia – that face lift botched by the local witch doctors – GIVE ME A BREAK. By the way, gryaznaya russkaya swinia, the whole world watched another total russian humiliation – the ‘victory’ parade’ .. The military hardware looks SO FAMILIAR – it has been seen for the last forty years … and the russian/chines military maneuvers lookied like pictures from the last war…

        • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

          Kleiner Pschek von Arschau: Wann sollst du entlich begreifen, daß es in Englisch kein Wort >> desintegration >> gibt?? Es heißt DISintegration. Genug mit Arschlecken mit den Prelaten, meine kleine Sau.

          • Victoria ⋅

            I know I know the truth is painful you CAN write it in English though…Take a flight on Sukhoy ‘miracle’ you know the one that crushed. You russians are not only kleptocratic barbarian murderers but also pathetic pitiful clown. Keep amusing us another crash please….

  6. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    WHere are the Karelian Slavs, Manfred Retard? Thanks to your criminal cult, they had a very short life…focus on typos to avoid the question, somber imbecile…

    There is no good Nazis,
    there is no good Muslims
    and there is no good Communists, of which our Manfred Moron is all of this crap rolled into one idiot!

    • Manfred Steifschwanz ⋅

      Chaaaaansoooon d’amoooour

      Your posts are about as ingenuous as that piece, Ming. Would you like to include the ditty in your repertoire?

      Hugs and kisses,


  7. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    Homo Hairy Bears and Bloated Diesel Dykes…

    You have the appeal of a fat female Soviet Kommissar, Manfred.

  8. Doobashka ⋅

    kept you free from slavery, eh,limpdick, tell that to the teenage russian sex slaves chained up in the basements if Istambul, the Emirates, Copenhagen and Oslo

  9. MingtheMerciless ⋅

    Taking the Russian point of view, it is difficult to understand why Putin will invade suburbs of Georgia on trifling pretexts( no, Georgia’s Russian minorities where NOT mistreated) while ignoring the massive number of female Russians who are traded like cattle in the third world sewers and die of misery in a few years from the treatments similar to what the Barbary pirates inflicted on European Christians.

    Remember that the Barbary pirates only needed to enslave a few hundred Americans for the Yankees to send the Marines in Tripoli and wipe out the slavers while coward Europeans had paid ransoms for nearly a millennium to these muslim rats.

    But even creepier Putin has not even lifted one finger to help these poor women.

    In the past, with anti-semitism being universal, most prostitutes where Jewish because they where so persecuted by everyone. Now, with the collapse of Russia and Iran, all sex slaves are either Russian or Iranian, forced to service a hundred or more degenerates a day until they die of disease and misery in a couple years maximum.

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